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SALE 2020

Plasma Music Sale 2020

I'm downsizing my studio and selling a lot of stuff. Most of it was bought new but some of it was bought second-hand. Either way, as long as I've had it,  it's all been lovingly looked after and everything works. Rest assured that I'm not selling anything that's duff.

I have a lot of recording studio gear, live performance gear, video gear, electronic musical instruments, amplifiers, PAs, computer bits 'n' pieces and so on. I thought about grouping things but it might be more fun just trolling through all this stuff, LOL.

Everything is however, listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer's name so hopefully if you're looking for something specific, it should be easy to find... if I have it, of course. There's one exception. I have two PA bundles made up of various manufacturer's components. You guessed it, they're under 'P'. 🙂

You can also search by clicking the magnifying glass to the right of 'CONTACT ME' in the top menu bar.

On the other hand, you might want to make yourself a cuppa or crack open a bottle of bear as there's a lot of stuff here.


I haven't just come up with a bunch of numbers and stuck a '£' sign in front of them. I've done some research and pitched what I feel is fair.

So there's two types of people; the first type just think that a price is too high and they can't be bothered so they turn away. My experience tells me that those people end up with cheap shit that doesn't really do what they wanted it to do in the first place but they're content to make do. The other type of people are those with balls. Those people will contact me to try to negotiate a more favourable (for them) price. Those people end up with great gear at a good price and everyone's happy. So, if you really, really, really want something, just talk to me with a sensible offer.


My priority is to ensure that once you've paid for something, you receive it quickly and without damage and in the unfortunate event that either one of these doesn't happen, I can refund you and claim on the courier's insurance.

To that end, I fastidiously pack stuff. If rack mount equipment has removable ears for example, they're taken off and and packaged separately so that the gear becomes a uniform shape which is much easier to bubble-wrap. If the rack-ears don't aren't removable, the rack-ear gap (you know what I mean) is packed with cardboard, again to make as much of a regular shape as possible.

You may find it odd that some items which may seem physically small enough to ship, may also be marked for collection only. This will inevitably be due to the fact that the value of the item demands an insurance premium which makes shipping just too expensive.

Cost of shipping as marked is to United Kingdom mainland only. I'm happy to ship abroad but of course costs will be higher.


I have a PayPal account. I have a bank account. I have a point-of-sale card reader. I accept cash. There are several options! If you require a receipt of sale, I'm happy to provide one.


IMPORTANT: I had a choice to either have lots of pages with a few items per page or fewer pages with lots of items. I chose the latter. Unfortunately this means that when viewed on  some mobile devices, pages don't fully load. So, if viewing the following sale pages on a phone or tablet, please select 'Desktop Site' under your browser menu.

Well go one then, have a look....