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Alexander Bhinder - Photographer-5aNow-a-days, nearly all of us have a camera on our person but that doesn't mean that we're all photographers. If you're humbly (or amusingly) aware of where I'm going with this, please read on.

I have a trained 'eye'. Angle and lighting are major parts of a composition and I try hard to get these two important aspects right. I have patience. After some discussion, I continually bear in mind just where you want your pictures to end up, what you want them to convey and what the end-goal is.

Wildlife, portraits, bands, inanimate objects, architecture are all subject matters I enjoy photographing and I always aim to take pictures that 'speak'.


I also provide a restoration service which could bring old and often damaged photographs back to life. Sepia or black and white photographs can even be converted to colour which can bring on a whole new dimension to what was at the time, a simple holiday snap. Below are a couple of examples of how old photographs can be restored.

Photofraphic restoration at Plasma Music
The photograph on the left had suffered serious damage over several decades
Photographic restoration at Plasma music
The photograph on the left has been folded twice and had been kept in someone's wallet for decades.

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