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z-old-We Need Audience!

The audience is importantThe artist is one half of the performance and the audience is the other half. With no audience, you only have half a performance so your presence is important!

Most artists are more than comfortable performing in front of a crowd but when it comes to cameras and stacks of audio recording equipment, well it can be quite a different thing. An audience puts an artist where they belong so why not give 'em a hand by being there and supporting them.

We want everyone to enjoy themselves and leave the show with a lasting memory. All we ask in return is that you respect our audience Terms And Conditions.

We've tried to cover all eventualities but if you do have any questions or if you're not sure about something, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Tickets for all the shows we put on are available here.

Revenue generated from ticket sales goes towards providing some recompense to
our amazing and very talented crew for their time, skill, patience and commitment.