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Consent - No need for a lawyer

We at Plasma Music TV take copyright very seriously and respect your original material. To allow us to do what we do however, we require you to consent to Plasma Music TV broadcasting your performance or parts of your performance, which will include your original songs and also to possibly include some of your songs on a free compilation album which we may release from time to time but which will only be available to our subscriber base. Plasma Music TV will never ask or make advances to take ownership of your songs. Your songs are your songs.

A belt and braces consent process can be very involved so to keep things simple but still effective, we ask that you acknowledge that by appearing on the show, you agree for Plasma Music TV to broadcast your original material.

The person who completes the on-line Artist Application Form must tick the ‘I Consent‘ box under Section 8 (at the bottom). It’s equally important that this person must also have the authority to do so and acknowledge that they’re acting on behalf of the act that’s applying.

If you’re part of a group of musicians in a duet or a band for example and you acknowledge that other band members have contributed to your songs, then it’s important that you ensure that all contributing parties agree for you to represent them and to tick the ‘I Consent‘ box.

If you’re an agent, manager or record company executive, then the same applies. You’ll be consenting on behalf of your ‘artist’ or artists’ and Plasma Music TV will consider you to have authority to do so.

If you perform covers of someone else’s original work, then it is up to you to seek appropriate permission. YouTube for example is very sensitive to covers and we may be approached to provide evidence that permission has been properly obtained. You must acknowledge and agree to Section 8 Item f of the Artist Application Form.

The person of authority may also be required to sign a final consent form on the day of the act’s performance.

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