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SiNKA – Show 030

SiNKA Live on Plasma Music TV

We ended our summer season with the amazing Jammerz Trio and we started our next season with another trio; SiNKA. How come trios are just so loud and energetic?!?!?

SiNKA comprise James on drums, Matt on bass and Shaun on vocals and guitar. We always try to get artists in a little earlier than your usual Dog and Duck gig as we actually have two sound checks for a start, one for in house and one for the Internet stream which is a completely different mix. Oh and then there’s the lighting and of course cameras to sort out. An’ don’t forget Alex and Adam’s pep talk about how this is TV and not quite your usual pub / club gig (yawn).

Anyway, Shaun just couldn’t get out of work to be at the studio at the allotted 1:00 so things could have been a little tense as everyone waited for the frontman…. but they weren’t. A lovely hot and sunny September afternoon down at Bentley’s for the crew leaving James and Matt sunbathing outside the studio. Now that’s laid back.

Well, they deserved it. Matt and James dropped into character straight away, sorted out their gear and were able to sound check without Shaun (sorry, mate) very quickly.

Shaun actually made it a little earlier than predicted. With all of his gear already set up, sound checking the full line-up happened really quickly.

Roll on 7:00…

SiNKA kicked off their set with the pacey ‘You Run’. A catchy riff but with just the right amount of room in the verses to allow the melody to breathe. Half way through the track, the dynamics come down a little but still fit so very well.

The third track in the set is ‘Creators’. In stark contrast to their second softer song, Creator immediately makes sure that the audience is awake! Heavy, in your face but with lovely lyrics and that catchiness you’re just starting to get used to.

So what the hell was the drummer on? Tight, heavy, hitting everything with energy and precision, James immediately came over as a force to be reckoned with. Having said that, songs like ‘A Place You’ve Never Known’ (the second song in the set), allowed James to show off his control of dynamics, coming down, slowing down and just filling that rhythmic space at the back of sound.

By the way, something you’ll notice very quickly with SiNKA is that they sound like…. err, yeah, right. Get my point? Can’t put your finger on it, can you? Interesting, eh?

Like James’s drumming, Matt’s bass thundered but was not at all confined to the rhythm section. Matt would throw in tasteful fills and serious riffs in between the drums and Shaun’s guitar that added more than a twist to the band’s songs and the overall sound.

Shaun? Well, what can we say? Like so many artists we’ve had on the show, anyone who plays an instrument and sings at the same time gets our vote, straight off. When you’re in a rock trio though and as well as getting your point across, you also have to deliver ‘that’ sound, it can be especially challenging. Not for Shaun. Shaun’s rhythm guitar easily morphs from a classic chorus, spacey, single-coil jangle to something with a touch of overdrive and a little more edge before going for full throttle. While painting this soundscape on guitar, Shaun makes pumping out melodies with power and passion and delivering lyrics which shine with thought and emotion, a breeze.

A tight, solid rhythm with spacey and sometimes heavy guitars, superb dynamics and extremely catchy riffs and melodies, SiNKA still manage to surprise with their excellent arrangements.

SiNKA is a band you need to keep in mind. Their performance on Plasma Music TV left the crew and the audience simply wanting more. That is actually going to happen as we’ve arranged with the boys to have ‘em back soon. In the meantime however, if you get the chance to see ‘em live, we suggest that you grab it! You will not be disappointed.

So here’s a rare Plasma Music TV prediction; THESE GUYS ARE GOING TO GO FAR.

Yeah, we know the sound went a bit screwy like Shaun’s vocals got lost a couple of times. And we know that the scenes didn’t quite switch as clockwork as usual. At the same time I have to say that we’re so lucky to have such an amazing and talented crew of volunteers behind the scenes but occasionally we all get a bit distracted and forget that we’re actually filming a live performance for equally live broadcast. So if you don’t mind guys, we’ll put the blame on SiNkA for that one!

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