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Ledfoot – Show 024

Ledfoot Live on Plasma Music TV (March 2018)The whole crew was looking forward to this show. Apart from taking several months to plan, we’re all big Ledfoot fans, here, so before it the show even started, there was excitement in the air.

So the stage was set for a dark and moody performance and with the exception of a little in-between-songs humour, that’s exactly what Ledfoot was about to deliver.

Straight away, Ledfoot gives you a taste of that huge slide thing he does. Awesome. ‘Wayward Son’ doesn’t have a musical intro. Instead, Ledfoot starts off with lyrics which tell you immediately that THIS IS GOTHIC BLUES!

With some steady finger-picking, the riff underneath is subtly hidden drawing your attention to what Ledfoot is singing about. His deep vocals fit perfectly with his equally deep guitar tone,gelling to quickly deliver the very mood of this song. That classic blues style rhythmic vocal melody brings a familiarity to the music but boy is it dark

As the song hits the chorus, Ledfoot brings in his kick drum which he triggers himself as he plays. Deep and thick, the kick adds another dimension to the sound and suddenly things feel a lot bigger than a guy singing along to an acoustic guitar. The room just filled up with sound.

And then the slides start up. Amongst the rhythmic finger-picking, Ledfoot throws in those perfect signature slides which are such a distinctive part of his style. The lead break on this particular song gives you a mega dose of that Ledfoot guitar.

Ledfoot’s style doesn’t allow for coming down slowly here. Things just drop as he returns instantly to the verse melody, an opportunity to give your heart a bit of a break!

Hanging Tree’ starts off with an amazingly complex finger-picking riff, again with a dark but this time slightly jazzy feel. A longer intro than Wayward Son, you’re really pulled into everything that’s happening on that guitar. Don’t worry if you feel that you can’t keep up. That’s normal! Tuneful mayhem, I overheard someone say. A soulful track with some very nicely stepped melodic parts in the chorus,  makes the whole song breath in a very different way to Wayward Son.

Ledfoot is the master on tease dynamics. Things build and build and then he hits you. Mesmerising guitar playing and the stories in his lyrics, make it easy to forget this aspect of his songs which means that you get hit again and again and again.

Now then, ‘Wicked State of Mind’ brings us three songs into Ledfoot’s set and this has got to be the definitive dark, Gothic blues song ever. The intro itself is a horror movie soundtrack. A crescendoing  riff with lots of minor steps just sends chills up your spine. Oh, and those perfectly accented harmonics that Ledfoot throws in; awesome, just awesome.

Ledfoot Live on Plasma Music TV - March 2018Then things stop, I mean stop. Apart from the music, Ledfoot is a super cool performer and knows how to (and when to) throw in a little suspense. Yeah, sure it’s all about the music?!?!? You just love watching this guy. This is all very distracting for the crew and the comms go quiet as even the director isn’t sure what’s going to happen next.

Full of dynamics, Wicked State of Mind goes from a whisper to filling the room and the expression that Ledfoot puts into his songs is only enhanced by his visual performance. A real feat for someone who’s just sitting on a chair!

The mood changes with ‘Where I Lost Hope’. Leaning more towards a kind of blues that we’re all perhaps a little more accustomed to, Ledfoot pulls back on his signature dark vibe. The riff under the song however, is unmistakably Ledfoot and you’re subtly reminded of just who’s in front of you as those lyrics start to make an eerie sense.

Ledfoot’s last song, ‘Mean to Me’ takes things back to that Gothic blues thing. The song begins with a fast finger-picking riff that sounds classical but dark and once again, could easily be a film soundtrack on its own. With a melancholy tone to his voice and a very distinctive melody, Ledfoot’s doing a good job ensuring that this song will stay in your head for a long, long time.

During the interview it becomes apparent that Ledfoot had a cold which makes the performance he’s just done, even more admirable. He reveals to Alex a little about his inspirations, what he likes and dislikes about music in general, where he comes from and what he’s all about.

Can’t wait to have you back, Ledfoot.

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