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Who Killed Nancy Johnson? – Show 012

Who Killed Nancy Johnson? at Plasma Music TV - 24th June 2017

Occasionally we all witness something which seriously focuses our thoughts. When asked to describe that something however, when asked to discuss that something, few of us appreciate that it was actually so powerful that a minimum of adjectives come to mind. This is exactly what happened within seconds of Who Killed Nancy Johnson? starting their set.

RAW, RAW, RAW and yes, it just got ‘rawer’! The energy, the sound, the ‘in-ya-face’ factor, this band means business and I would not recommend them to anyone of a slightly nervous disposition.

These guys had no intention of wanting to deliver the delicate nuances of their sound. Why not? ‘Cos there aint none. It’s just a sonic explosion of drums, bass, guitar and well, not exactly screaming vocals but vocals delivered with a slightly dark edge, curtesy of Stefan Ball.

Mark on drums does an excellent job of keeping things tight in the background. On this foundation, Pete manages to pump out some seriously catchy riffs on guitar with perfection but always seems to hold something back which he suddenly releases quite unexpectedly.

Bass is normally part of the rhythm section but most of the time, Paul tends to play just under Pete’s guitar which makes those riffs thick and fat. Sonic density, that’s the expression I was looking for and between them, Paul and Pete are able to deliver that in large swathes.

Proud of their influences, Who Killed Nancy Johnson? still manages to deliver a very modern, ‘now’ sounding set in a style that is quite unique, something that’s actually quite difficult to achieve now-a-days.

Despite the wall of sound that’s moving your feet (and the potentially other parts of your body, if you’re not careful), there’s still room to tune into what Stef is saying and I totally admire the thought that’s gone into the lyrics. With a range of subject matters, the songs perfectly paint a wide range of images and moods. There’s even a song about a catch phrase that Stef’s dad used to come out with. I mean, how do ya’ do that?!?

The bottom line – Looking at the picture up top, they look like such a nice bunch of lads… but don’t be fooled. These four guys make a lot of noise and pour out a huge amount of (infectious) energy doing so. Is it worth it? Oh yeah!!! So if you get the chance, go see ’em…

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