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Hidden Jules – Show 016

Hidden Jules at Plasma Music TV - 23rd September 2017

We weren’t too sure how this evening was going to pan out as Adam was flying in from Rome and wasn’t going to be around for the sound check at least. Luckily, Rob turned up super early and was able to lend a hand organising things. As it turned out however, there wasn’t anything to worry about. Jules, John, Bill, Bernie and Dave knew exactly what they wanted and Rob and Alex kind of just left them to it. Within no time, Dave was well set up behind the drum kit, Bill was very fine, plugged into our bass combo and Julie, John and Bernie also got settled in very quickly.

So we kick off the show with ‘Her Rock’ and the first thing you notice about Hidden Jules is just how smoothly everything joins up. What I mean by that is that these guys seem to interact almost on an instinctive level, everything’s tight and comes together to deliver a very concise sound. Talk about making our lives easy on the mixing desk, John and Dave’s technical knowledge was also very welcome! Apart from superb musicianship, this outfit is obviously very well-rehearsed and you definitely get the feeling that they might have played one or two lives gigs together, LOL.

Your ears quickly relax and you’re drawn into the well-balanced soundscape which is rich but not at all overpowering. The band’s tightness lets vocal melodies just paint over the music but gives plenty of room for fills and leads to stand out as well.

We glide into ‘Fall From Grace’ and now you realise that Julie’s voice cannot be put into a box. A unique style that oozes emotion, there are no spectacular vocal gymnastics here, just pure heart ‘n’ soul. John’s acoustic fills just fit and echo the vocal melody while Dave and Bill keep things nice and solid on drums and bass, respectively.  As dynamics build, Bernie comes in with a lead break on electric guitar which smoothly morphs things from a nice little acoustic number to something more rocky. ‘Smooth’; an adjective you should use a lot when describing Hidden Jules!

We at PMTV just love our rock but once in a while we hear something that reminds us of just what’s out there. ‘One For The Road‘ is an excellent track with a sneaky (or should that be cheeky) reggae vibe. The song shows off even more of Julie’s vocal dynamics but I’m not talking pitch or level here but emotions and feel… and boy is that ending tight, guys.

Thorn Inside You’ rocks… and sways, beautifully. Looking around the room and people can’t help but tap their feet, especially after the previous track.

Hidden Jules pour out another six awesome tracks. By the time we get to ‘Can You Return’, you wonder if the person who confided in you at the start of the day, that she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks is the same person who delivered such a blinding performance.

We’re constantly saying on PMTV how lucky we’ve been to have had such lovely people on the show. Dave, Bill, Bernie, John and Julie… it was a pleasure and we look forward to hearing a lot more of you guys.

Hidden Jules Live on PMTV!

Posted by Plasma Music TV on Samstag, 23. September 2017

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