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Carl James Dunning – Biography

Carl James Dunning – Biography

Carl James Dunning is a self-taught singer songwriter from Redcar, United Kingdom. Carl confesses to being influenced by traditional songwriters such as Neil Young and John Lennon as opposed to more contemporary artists.

Finding his inspiration from past heroes and the people around him, Carl has his own way of putting his thoughts and feelings to song. With a committed focus to his one and only passion, Carl is more than happy to travel the length and breadth of the country to perform and promote his music.

Carl signs his music with his uniquely ‘gravely’ voice which stamps his songs with his own identity and which makes them quite captivating and very raw sounding. With atmospheric and spacey electric guitar accompaniment from Jonny Phage, the focus of Carl’s music is very much on lyrics and melody.

Carl’s delivery is steady with no sudden surprises which makes them very easy to listen to. Jonny’s electric guitar is far from heavy and paints a chorus soundscape which sits nicely between Carl’s acoustic guitar and his vocals making the listener appreciate the superb arrangement of the songs.

Constantly writing and constantly gigging, Carl tells us that he found time last month to make a new video to ‘Like A Stone’ and of course we’re looking forward to his new album which will be released on 27th April 2017.


Bob Dylan , Neil Young, John Lennon


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