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The Vaulted Skies – Show 009

The Vaulted Skies live at Plasma Music TV - 29th April 2017

Preparation for the show started a little earlier than usual as meeting with The Vaulted Skies a couple of weeks prior made us very aware of the plethora of equipment these guys use. Even Martin the drummer had a bunch of electronics set up next to him. As it turned out, the initially intimidating amount of tech’ was very quickly set up and integrated into our house PA and recording system.

The afternoon sound check was so worthwhile though, as the crew kinda’ got advanced warning of just how loud these guys were going to be!

So it’s coming up to 19:00 and lights, cameras and sound are all on. The band kick off with the powerful sounding ‘Caroline Slips Across The Sky‘. Martin on drums and Karly on bass make sure that the rhythm section is tight and solid while Ben and James swap guitar parts with precision producing a spacey but articulate kind of ‘wave’ of Gothic rock heaven (or should I say hell).

Triggered from the drum kit, the band’s arrangements also include synthesisers and keyboards which just add to the sparkling soundscape. I can imagine listening to the same recording and hearing something different every time.

The vocal melody to Caroline Slips Across The Sky was haunting and delivered the lyrics in very appropriate style with perfect, uninterrupted meter.

The Vaulted Skies’ second track called ‘Vampires‘ took a slightly different turn and truly set the mood for the band’s ten-song set. Just as sonically powerful as their first song, Vampires very quickly puts you into the movie. It soon becomes apparent that James doesn’t like the idea of staying in the same place and pushing his vocals simply contributes to the energy of the band’s performance.

After maintaining a certain drive with Vampires (a great track to follow Caroline Slips Across The Sky), we’re hit with ‘Out of Sight’ and then The Falling Man which brings the pace down a little but continues with that TVS darkness that we’re just beginning to get used to!

Gothic rock band The Vaulted Skies ready to be interviewed at Plasma Music TVAnother five songs of synth laced overdriven guitar rock follow. Wow, what an exciting show.

Then The Vaulted Skies concluded their set with the anticipated and very popular ‘Does Anyone Else Feel (Strange). Very obviously built on TVS’ polished and modern sound, this track somehow manages to have a (Gothic) eighties throwback feel to it and gives you a clue as to the band’s influences. Yet another powerful and energetic song, Does Anyone Else Feel (Strange) is the perfect choice to end this very memorable performance..

From a production perspective, what stands out with The Vaulted Skies is their attention to detail. The sound, the songs, the performance, even the set list which is designed to crescendo, then fall and then build up again, everything reeks pure professionalism.

Artistically, this four-piece delivers Gothic rock but… with a contemporary, dancy edge. Easily solid enough to dance to and yet morphing back and forth so as to  maintain your attention, by the time TVS had finished their set, we all just wanted more.

The bottom line; if you get the chance to see these guys, TAKE IT!!!!

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