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The Midnights & Sweetcornbread – Show 007

There was something in the air tonight that made us feel that this show, featuring The Midnights and Sweetcornbread was going to be a little different from previous shows.

With a very excited crowd at their feet, the evening kicked off with some beautiful harmonies from The Midnights.

Working very organically, The Midnights consistently delivered a smooth, silky performance with voices combining to produce an amazing choir at times and then delightful arpeggios at others.

Playing instruments themselves, the accompanying electric bass, acoustic guitar and cajon worked subtly to emphasise the songs and the girls’ performance.

Hang on a second! Isn’t that Bob from Sweetcornbread on bass? Yep! That was the first surprise of the evening.

Each song performed could easily and sometimes obviously be thrown into a very specific genre. The Midnights however, had a way of making all the songs that they gave us tonight, sound like them.

After that ultra-smooth performance from The Midnights, we took a break which was followed by the next act for the night; Sweetcornbread. As soon as the boys started, it was obvious that tonight was going to explode.

Described by some as acoustic rock, the sound was quite simply, monstrous. Amazingly, the details came through loud and clear and with a predominant Southern bluegrass flavour to many of their songs, Sweetcornbread delivered well… an ‘electric’ show.

Tight but funky drums from Jack, a deep and smooth bass from Jim, Bob and Trucker swapping instruments and Ky’s amazingly fast but accurate banjo playing, the guys ensured that you just couldn’t take your eyes off the stage, which was a bit annoying because all you wanted to do was dance!

All the songs tell a story. Very well crafted lyrics are delivered with appropriate meter and very catchy melodies. Oh! Did I forget to mention harmonies? Yeah, that’s right. Bob, Trucker and Ky worked really well together not just throwing out a lead vocal but filling that sound space with harmonies that kind of gave things an almost stereophonic feel.

We really liked ‘Stand Right Up’; a reggae track which stood out from the more blues based material but which still sounded so much like Sweetcornbread.

The Midnights and Sweetcornbread ended up making a superb double act.

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