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Jamie Maritz – Biography

Jamie Maritz – Biography

Jamie Maritz is a young, local singer / songwriter currently studying music and music production at the Watford campus of West Herts College.

Jamie tells us that his songs are inspired from the world around him. His lyrics are sometimes deep reflections of his own life and the life of friends and family. Other times, Jamie will just put stuff together for fun. Either way, you just can’t help but listen to what he’s saying.

With a traditional acoustic, kind of folk style to his guitar, vocally, Jamie is anything but traditional. With a very contemporary ‘street’ style to his delivery, one can clearly hear Jamie’s extensive influences. Rap, R & B, soul and even grime are quite apparent in Jamie’s voice, with sometimes several styles featuring in one arrangement. Indeed accurate guitar accompaniment while all well ‘n’ good, Jamie is adamant that it’s all about his songs and his vocal style. Raw, edgy but distinctive, Jamie’s delivery of his melodies produces a unique type of dynamic to his songs. Nothing sounds the same.

Jamie is passionate about his music and puts a lot of work into his songs. Having a home studio, Jamie’s able to produce quality recordings, many of which have considerably more instrumental accompaniment than just his acoustic guitar! His contemporary arrangements and the quality of his productions suggest other (hidden) talents to this very young songwriter. Over 2017 Jamie will be making more of his own material available on-line.

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