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Kerry Lambourne – Show 006

The very relaxed Kerry Lambourne seemed to know exactly what she was going to be doing tonight. Her performance began with swades of confidence and Kerry maintained absolute professionalism right the way through her set.

Opening with Eva Cassidy’s ‘Wade In The Water’ Kerry was set to quite simply pour her heart and soul into tonight’s performance. Straight away you got a sense of Kerry’s dynamics delivering  deep and haunting lows and highs that shook the ceiling tiles!

Kerry’s second song, Etta James’ ‘At Last’ built up beautifully, again showing off her stunning dynamic range . Those first few words showed off her beautifully controlled vibrato. Not sudden but slow and smooth with a crescendo type style and always exactly where it should be.

Requiring a lower key, Kerry’s third song, ‘Half The World Away’ could have pushed her voice. Once again however, Kerry sang this Oasis hit with confidence and didn’t waver once. Another example but this time demonstrating Kerry’s considerable pitch range.

By the time we get to the fourth song of the evening, ‘If I Got You’ by Alisia Keys, there’s no denying Kerry’s consistency. Her delivery retains the same energy and control as her first song… amazing.

Kerry’s able to uniquely inject a bit of grit into her higher dynamic which she occasionally throws in almost cheekily. Bringing some classics back to life, Kerry emulates the crescendo of the original recordings yet the harmonic spread in her voice makes those songs sound like her own. It’s an amazing balancing act which Kerry delivers in a very natural manner.

The light accompaniment from Alex Richards on piano and Vaughan Rance on drums was quite transparent allowing Kerry’s voice to resonate through the room. Articulate, powerful, very soulful, with her signature grit thrown in occasionally and with lots of control, we just loved Kerry’s performance.

Kerry delivered five songs for us this evening but quite honestly, we could have listened to Kerry all night long! We feel that ‘Kerry Lambourne’ is a name you need to watch out for.

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