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Joe Card, Starseedz, Dave Renegade – Show 004

Our Christmas 2016 show featured Joe Card, a solo act from North London, the beautiful harmonies of Starseedz and the laid back Dave Renegade.

On a cold and rainy evening, Joe turned up at the studio with a cold but puting on a brave face was determined to give us his best.

Joe starts his set with an original song called “No One’s Home”. Immediately you’re drawn to Joe’s vintage guitar style. Shure chords that are simply there to accompany the song.

After a few lines, you appreciate that this guy looks at the world around him and writes songs about what he sees. In the interview, Joe simply says that that’s his job!

“No One’s Home” has a soft melancholy feel in contrast to his next song “Elliot Sings Elvis” which is a lot more up-beat and just good fun.

“The Rovers” is another song written from what Joe sees around him, in this case the change in how fathers and sons now watch their favourite football teams compete.

Joe Card performing on PMTV

Here Joe demonstrates some well-placed ‘spaces’ in his singing where his guitar just slips in and plays a few notes that seem to say so much.

A very touching song that even if you’re not a football fan, makes you think he’s got a really valid point.

After a chat with Joe, Starseedz take the stage and within seconds of their opening number entitled “Little Bird” you feel like you’ve been transported back to 1968! Getting into the song, you hear two beautiful acoustic guitars in harmony with two beautiful voices doing the same thing. This kind of sound you just don’t hear now-a-days.

“Miss You” is one of those songs that just flows. A beautiful ballad with intertwined vocals on top of those spacey guitars.

Starseedz performing on PMTV

Carrying on that fab 60s vibe but picking things up a little, “Roller Coaster” is just dreamy. There’s some great song writing here and these guys really do seem to take care so as to make their voices work so well together.

In the interview, Catrine denies that it’s particularly difficult and says that her voice just naturally fits with John’s.

Dave Renegade came up from north London to join us this evening. Normally playing his songs in a band, Dave braved the challenge to perform his original music at Plasma Music TV tonight.

The inspiration behind “Just Because You’re Gone” is one that many of us can relate to and Dave is very able to stir some emotions with his lyrics here.

Dave Renegade performing on PMTV

Dave’s ‘dark romantic’ style continues with “Song for Kevin”. Again written from personal experience, many of us know exactly where he’s coming from. Dave’s deep tone sets the mood immediately.

Dramatic events around the world are often captured on camera, especially now-a-days. Very rarely however, are one’s experience of witnessing one of these events, put to music. Listening to “The Night Sandy Came To Town” is like watching a disaster movie but in song as Dave manages to give hurricane Sandy her own personality.


Joe Card: Facebook
Starseedz: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Website
Dave Renegade: Facebook, Reverbnation, SoundCloud

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