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Emma Thomas, Alex Tinlin – Show 003

Today we are shaking things up a bit and introducing our new presenter, the very handsome and charismatic Howard Penning.

Howard joins Alex and the bottle of Jack Daniels as Adam’s skills are required elsewhere and let’s face it, Howard looks much better on camera (Sorry Adam).

Emma Thomas performing on PMTV

Emma Thomas opens the evening with “Mirrored”, the first of three original songs. Wow, the audience and the entire crew are spellbound, totally captivated by the beautiful and delicate voice.

Emma’s style comprises gentle chords on a third size acoustic guitar with a layer of light but subtly dynamic vocals on top.

“Darkened Mornings” is next up. Emma moves from chrods to a finger-picking style. A haunting tune delivered with an equally haunting vocal style.

Emma has released an official video for “Darkened Morning”, which is available on her YouTube channel and it’s defiantly worth a watch.

Emma Thomas performs “Darkened Morning”

Lyrically, Emma definitely has something to say and we just love the way that she gets her message across.

Emma’s last song, “Storms on Seas” has a drifting, almost Celtic feel to it. Another finger-picking accompaniment on guitar, with words are just beautiful and again, that voice just takes you away.

People say that performing music is like acting. You have to get into the character of the song. With Emma Thomas, there’s a feeling that you’re actually listening to her… Emma Thomas. Very beautiful songs sung from the heart.

We consider ourselves very lucky, here on Plasma Music TV as the musicians we’ve had on so far just seem to have a uniqueness about them. Alex Tinlin’s style is uniquely retro. Alex has managed to capture that 60s folk-style vibe but the deliver is very much him. His songs don’t follow the rules and we love ‘em.

We just loved the idea behind Alex’s first song, “The Me Show”. Filled with a clever play on words, a summery feel, it’s a great song to start the show.

Alex Tinlin, “The Me Show”

Alex’s next original song, has a very different feel starting off with that slightly familiar 60s thing but with a softer, slightly melancholy tone.

Alex delivers “No More Tears” like he really means it and you’re soon pulled into the feelings the song is conveying.

“Another Wish” starts with a smooth vocal intro accompanied by gentle finger-picking on guitar but soon demonstrates some now familiar dynamics, especially in the delivery of the melody.

Alex Tinlin Performing on PMTV

Alex’s last song, “Another Wish” retains that retro vibe thing and is another great example of Alex’s experience of incorporating crescendo dynamics in his song writing.

It’s blatantly obvious that Alex is truly committed to his music with not only great attention to detail in his compositions but also his delivery.


Emma Thomas: Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud
Alex Tinlin: Facebook, SoundCloud, Website

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