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Ray Knowles, Jamie Martiz – Show 002

Our first guest took to the stage calmly and quietly with no fuss, leaving the audience to carry on chattering. When Ray opened with his first song though, it just went quiet. Those haunting first few notes of the well-known song, “I’m On Fire”, by Bruce Springsteen were immediately mesmerising and people’s heads just turned towards the sage.

Still unflustered, Ray continued with the intro to the song and then…

Ray doesn’t sound anything like the man himself but what a smooth, creamy voice. You immediately felt yourself being taken away down the famous Route 66, through the deserts of Arizona and Nevada.

Ray Knowles performing on PMTV

With an immediate change in tempo, Ray’s second song takes a very slightly different direction but keeps that American country feel with his gorgeous rendition of “Peaceful Easy Feeling” by The Eagles.

Ray plays as if he’s played it a thousand times before but you hear this very well-known song as if you’ve heard it for the first time. Are you listening to the song or are you listening to Ray? The reference above to his ‘smooth and creamy’ voice can also apply to the feelings Ray seems to put behind his delivery. Following “I’m On Fire” with this famous Eagles track, both with that cool voice and I think you know what I mean!

Another tempo change with Ray’s last song; “Johnny Be Good” by Check Berry, Ray doesn’t change his sound at all. This yields a unique rendition of this very well-known song and once again, you’ve heard it before but this sounds so new.

Ray Knowles performs “Johnny Be Good”

Jamie’s style mixes conventional acoustic guitar with a contemporary vocal tone and lots of street-style melodies and lyrics to produce something quite unique.
Almost rapping occasionally but without the beat going on in the background and then hitting you with melody which you’ve almost forgotten about, one can wonder how Jamie comes up with his songs.

Lyrically it’s obvious that all of Jamie’s songs are simply his take on what he sees in the world around him.

“Oceans” immediately makes you think and after a few seconds you find yourself relating to what Jamie is saying through the song.

Jamie Maritz performing on PMTV

The opening guitar notes behind “Take Me Now” sound a little cheeky but when Jamie starts singing, once again you’re pulled into what he’s actually saying. This is quite simply a beautiful love song delivered in a really cool and captivating performance.

Jamie opens his third song “True Love” and you can’t help but hook on to a certain darkness in those first few chords.

The song’s dynamics are constantly changing, lyrically and melodically as well as rhythmically and Jamie’s tone accompanies those changes perfectly.

Jamie Maritz performs “Take Me Now”

Jamie’s last song “Want Me” mixes that cheeky feel of the start of “Take Me Now” with the darkness of “True Love”. With a very contemporary guitar style, Again dynamics are everywhere and “Want Me” demonstrates Jamie’s ability to take you different places within a single song.



Ray Knowles: YouTube

Jamie Maritz: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

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