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Kyara Bentley, Silo 18 – Show 001


The first ever episode was released under a slightly different name, Plasma Live TV. It wouldn’t be until a few shows down the road that the team would decide to do a bit of re-branding and settle on the name you have all come to know and love, Plasma Music TV.

Alex, Adam and the ever present bottle of Jack Daniels kick of the show introducing the first act of the evening, Kyara Bentley.

The highly talented Kyara jumps straight in with one of her original songs, “This is what they call love”. As well as singing and playing the acoustic guitar, Kyara is joined on stage by her mentor and the owner of Fretz Music, Hemel Hempstead, Barry Garvin on five string bass guitar, (we’re not sure why five strings but he insisted they were all required).

Kyara Bentley

After a thunderous applause, Kyara launched in to her cover of “Wings” by Birdie. Barry swapped out his bass and accompanied her on electric guitar, a very lovely Fender Stratocaster, coping exceedingly well with six strings this time!

It was a mesmerising rendition with the audience going through an emotional roller-coaster, hanging on to every note.

Keeping our audience close to tears in wonderment, Kyara’s final song for the evening was “Stay” by Lis Loeb. Barry continued to accompany her on his Strat, after finally finding his capo.

It was a beautiful performance full of emotion and passion, worthy of the great lady herself.

URSA Mini 4k Broadcast Camera

While the stage crew are setting up for the next act, Alex shows us a film he recorded earlier in the week. A review of the Jaguar F-Type!

As this is a music show not a car show, we will gloss over that bit. In short, we’re very impressed that Jaguar uses recycled material to build a sports car.

Back in the studio, Alex has sat down with Kyara and Barry to find out a bit more about the talented young lady.

Kyara has been singing since she was about four years old and met Barry at his music shop. Barry instantly recognised her talent and set out to mentor and support Kyara, helping her develop her abilities and career.

Back to the show and to end the first episode we have Silo 18, a four piece punk band that have put together an acoustic set of their original material.

Silo 18

First song on the set list is “Side by Side”, a firm favourite with the guys’ fans. For the set, they swapped out their normal instruments for three acoustic guitars and a snare drum. We recommend you check out their music video on Silo 18’s YouTube channel.

As the harmonies die away, there’s a huge round of applause from the audience. Silo’ launch into their new single “A Little Purpose” which they released earlier on in the year, with an accompanying video.

For their final song, we are treated to “The Idea”, an awesome track making full use of their harmonies and a really great, lively song to end the evening on. Or so we thought…

Sonny & Jay from Silo 18

As a special surprise, Silo 18 decided to throw in a bonus track, “Barricade”, and what a way to end our first ever episode.

Adam managed to grab the guys for a quick chat and we find out that this is the first time Sonny, the bass player, has played an acoustic set with the band. On top of that, none of the guys had rehearsed their bonus track, Barricade.

Well done guys that was awesome!



Kyara Bentley: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Silo 18: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, InstagramYouTube, SoundCloud

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