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Author: Alex Bhinder

Emma Thomas, Alex Tinlin – Show 003

Today we are shaking things up a bit and introducing our new presenter, the very handsome and charismatic Howard Penning. Howard joins Alex and the bottle of Jack Daniels as Adam’s skills are required elsewhere and let’s face it, Howard looks much better on camera (Sorry Adam). Emma Thomas opens the evening with “Mirrored”, the first of three original songs. Wow, the audience and the entire crew are spellbound, totally captivated by the beautiful and delicate voice. Emma’s style comprises gentle chords on a third size acoustic guitar with a layer of light but subtly dynamic vocals on top....

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Kyara Bentley, Silo 18 – Show 001

  The first ever episode was released under a slightly different name, Plasma Live TV. It wouldn’t be until a few shows down the road that the team would decide to do a bit of re-branding and settle on the name you have all come to know and love, Plasma Music TV. Alex, Adam and the ever present bottle of Jack Daniels kick of the show introducing the first act of the evening, Kyara Bentley. The highly talented Kyara jumps straight in with one of her original songs, “This is what they call love”. As well as singing and...

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