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Author: Alex Bhinder

Kerry Lambourne – Show 006

The very relaxed Kerry Lambourne seemed to know exactly what she was going to be doing tonight. Her performance began with swades of confidence and Kerry maintained absolute professionalism right the way through her set. Opening with Eva Cassidy’s ‘Wade In The Water’ Kerry was set to quite simply pour her heart and soul into tonight’s performance. Straight away you got a sense of Kerry’s dynamics delivering  deep and haunting lows and highs that shook the ceiling tiles! Kerry’s second song, Etta James’ ‘At Last’ built up beautifully, again showing off her stunning dynamic range . Those first few words showed...

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Nick Cash – Show 005

We kick off 2017 with a special guest, the frontman from punk band 999, Nick Cash. Nick came all the way down from the Lake District to be with us this evening. The sound check gave us a little taste of what to expect but once Nick got going, the room soon filled with an energy of a full rock band. Plugging his famous Fender Tele’ into one of our Marshalls and insisting on the Elvis mic, it was obvious that Nick meant business from the start. With no band behind him, Nick quite simply amazed us with his...

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Starseedz – Biography

Starseedz are a St Albans based duo, Catrine and Jon. They perform their songs with two acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies. Starseedz are an indie,pop,folk, duo who write very pretty songs and sing them wherever they can. Catrine & Jon met somewhere along the way while playing in various bands around St Albans. They married in a fairy handfasting and continued the magic in their song writing. They have played at many festivals throughout last year and captivate audiences with their haunting melodies and powerful harmonies. They have recently signed with End of the trail management and will be...

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Silo 18 – Biography

Silo 18 are a four piece punk rock band from Hemel Hempstead, formed from ex members of The City Calls, Codename Colin and Only Twin. The music is punk rock at its core, but with more experimental sounds and styles being thrown into the mix. Starting out as a bedroom jam in mid-2013, it wasn’t long before they realised they had something. They wasn’t sure what that something was but it certainly wasn’t the X factor. So they booked some practice time, finely tuned some rock and roll songs and played some rock and roll shows in the local...

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Joe Card, Starseedz, Dave Renegade – Show 004

Our Christmas 2016 show featured Joe Card, a solo act from North London, the beautiful harmonies of Starseedz and the laid back Dave Renegade. On a cold and rainy evening, Joe turned up at the studio with a cold but puting on a brave face was determined to give us his best. Joe starts his set with an original song called “No One’s Home”. Immediately you’re drawn to Joe’s vintage guitar style. Shure chords that are simply there to accompany the song. After a few lines, you appreciate that this guy looks at the world around him and writes...

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