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Author: Alex Bhinder

Who Killed Nancy Johnson? – Show 012

Occasionally we all witness something which seriously focuses our thoughts. When asked to describe that something however, when asked to discuss that something, few of us appreciate that it was actually so powerful that a minimum of adjectives come to mind. This is exactly what happened within seconds of Who Killed Nancy Johnson? starting their set. RAW, RAW, RAW and yes, it just got ‘rawer’! The energy, the sound, the ‘in-ya-face’ factor, this band means business and I would not recommend them to anyone of a slightly nervous disposition. These guys had no intention of wanting to deliver the delicate...

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Westward Ho – Show 017

Very laid back, another amazingly professional band (we keep on commenting how lucky we are with the acts that we have on the show), Westward Ho got set up in no time and just went straight into their set. With acoustic guitars, drums, bass, ukulele, mandolin and flute and with up to three vocals, the sound in the room was very full but detail was obvious. This was going to be a fun evening. Now who the hell writes a song about Sizewell? Err… someone called Ben Corbett. Starting their set with Sizewell Lament makes you realise that although...

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Hidden Jules – Show 016

We weren’t too sure how this evening was going to pan out as Adam was flying in from Rome and wasn’t going to be around for the sound check at least. Luckily, Rob turned up super early and was able to lend a hand organising things. As it turned out however, there wasn’t anything to worry about. Jules, John, Bill, Bernie and Dave knew exactly what they wanted and Rob and Alex kind of just left them to it. Within no time, Dave was well set up behind the drum kit, Bill was very fine, plugged into our bass...

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Carl James Dunning – Biography

Carl James Dunning is a self-taught singer songwriter from Redcar, United Kingdom. Carl confesses to being influenced by traditional songwriters such as Neil Young and John Lennon as opposed to more contemporary artists. Finding his inspiration from past heroes and the people around him, Carl has his own way of putting his thoughts and feelings to song. With a committed focus to his one and only passion, Carl is more than happy to travel the length and breadth of the country to perform and promote his music. Carl signs his music with his uniquely ‘gravely’ voice which stamps his...

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The Vaulted Skies – Show 009

Preparation for the show started a little earlier than usual as meeting with The Vaulted Skies a couple of weeks prior made us very aware of the plethora of equipment these guys use. Even Martin the drummer had a bunch of electronics set up next to him. As it turned out, the initially intimidating amount of tech’ was very quickly set up and integrated into our house PA and recording system. The afternoon sound check was so worthwhile though, as the crew kinda’ got advanced warning of just how loud these guys were going to be! So it’s coming...

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